How do I get a virtual address for my business?


All businesses at some point look at renting an office or coworking space. Regardless of the size of your business this always comes with a large financial cost. Some choose to work from home, but this too comes at a price of reduced customer confidence in your credibility and experience. Virtual offices offer you many benefits of a traditional office without the price tag.   

So, what exactly is a virtual office or virtual business address? And what are their benefits? A virtual office is a real office address that businesses like yours can use as there trading address. Not only does this offer customer confidence in your organisation, but also gives you a service that manages and forwards your post on to you, as well as a variety of other add-ons which supports the growth of your business.

Sound good? Well, if you’re thinking of getting a virtual office address, here are the 3 steps you need to take:


1. Choose your virtual office  – we offer multiple offices in city centre locations in Bristol,  Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool.


2. Set-up in a minute – share a few contact and billing details so we can set up your profile


3. Verification – send us 1 copy of your photo ID and 2 documents that confirm your address. 


That’s it. You’re then completely set up to use your new virtual office business address on your website, marketing materials, business cards, and more.

Still unsure where to get your virtual office? Below are some elements you may want to consider before making your decision.


What to look for in a virtual office provider

Service matters. That’s why it’s important to find a reputable virtual office provider. Those who have virtual business address options across major UK cities is a good start. It shows experience working with a number of clients like you. Also, look at the additional services on offer. Combining your virtual business address service with a virtual reception, marketing support and other add-ons offers more for your money.

Price is important. Many providers charge large monthly fees, but those rarely means greater service or any other added benefits. Remember, you’re using a virtual office to keep costs low so there’s no point paying over the odds.

Be sure not to go with a provider that has setup fees or ties you into a long-term contract. A virtual office should be a flexible option that you can adapt to your changing circumstances.


How to choose the location for my virtual office

You don’t want to have it in some remote location unless you have a very good reason to. Aim for somewhere in the centre of a city where your target market lives, works or in some other way spends their time. Another consideration is whether you intend to pick your post up in person or have it scanned and emailed to you or forwarded on to you. If you have a virtual office that welcomes you to pick it up think about the convenience of getting there. For many, they prefer getting their post managed and forwarded onto them. This is great if your target markets are far from where you are based. Normally teh most effective location is in the heart of a major city. We have virtual offices in Bristol, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and  Liverpool.


Select Your Additional Services

Check out the add-on services on offer before you buy. Services can include registered addresses, mail forwarding, meeting room access, virtual receptionists, marketing support, website support, and more. It really pays to get these add-ons when you sign up as large discounts can be applied when you do so.  

For more information browse our Bristol Virtual Offices.