Does your business need a telephone answering service?


The growing demand for a virtual reception and other call answering services has changed the way many businesses operate. You may have heard about the benefits and affordability of these services, but how do you know if they’re right for your business? Most businesses overlook the need for their calls to be managed professionally 24/7. And many never consider the lost revenue from calls being missed or handled poorly. Below we look at how you can tell if these services are right for you. 

When do you need a call answering service?

  • If your staff who are responsible for handling calls are unable to answer every call, every day
  • If call answering is shared among staff with other key responsibilities that they should be focussing on
  • If you are unable to tend to calls 24/7
  • If you cannot guarantee that each call will be answered in a quiet environment
  • If you do not employ staff with the skills to answer and manage each call professionally


Should you invest in a virtual reception?

Employing a virtual receptionist, overflow reception or other call answering service may seem like an additional expense. However, when you consider that the most expensive resource for any business is staff, the cost of a virtual reception is tiny in comparison to employing full-time staff member. What’s more, you want to make sure that your other staff are focusing on their main duties. They need to use their time effectively, and if you’re not employing them to answer the phone you probably don’t want them spending too long on it. Finally, and most importantly, think of your customers. They need to feel that their call is welcomed, not a distraction. They should leave the call confident that their query will be managed efficiently. Remember, the person answering your calls is an extension of your brand and will often influence how a customer sees your business. 

So what do you get for your money?

Firstly, you’ll never miss a call. Every lead that comes through will be managed professionally and forwarded to you immediately as per your instructions. We will even screen callers to make sure we only pass on the calls that matter. This will save you and your team time spent on inbound calls. And, of course, you will benefit from the professionalism and experience of your own virtual reception team. They will answer and handle your calls as if they only worked for you. You get all of this from just £10 per month.


It sounds great! What next?


If you’re convinced that a virtual reception may be right for your business, you can set up your subscription today from our call answering service page or simply call us on 0117 332 6981. We can set you up with a free trial in minutes and introduce you to your reception team the very same day. After your free trial ends, you’ll be billed just £10 per month plus a cost-per-call charge from 89p.