Can my virtual office be used as a registered address?


Virtual offices are a fantastic option for businesses wanting a credible, professional-looking trading address that are not ready to rent a physical office. Many that already benefit from a virtual office will at some point ask themself, “Is it OK to use my Virtual Office as my registered address?” Here we aim to answer this frequently asked question. 

Firstly, it’s important to start with who needs a registered address. If you’re a sole trader or have an unincorporated business, you do not need to register a business address. However, when setting up a limited company in the UK, you need to register your business with Companies House.

Companies House will send all official business correspondence to this address and will be the legal ‘base’ of your business. This does not mean you have to advertise this address to potential clients. However, it needs to be a physical address in the UK.

Many businesses simply register with the address of their physical office. However, those without an office and are reluctant to register with their home address often register their virtual office address. 

Virtual office addresses can be used as your registered address. Unfortunately, not all virtual office locations offer this additional service. The advice is to always check with your provider if this is possible. Where it is possible, you can expect to pay no more than just £5 a month for a legal registered address. What’s more, this address can be used on all your promotional materials, giving your business a more professional, credible image in a prestigious location in the heart of your market.  

In truth, there are many benefits to investing in a virtual office. To get a greater understanding of how they can improve your brand image and simplify your operations. We always recommend getting in contact with our dedicated team who will talk you through all the options. For a chat about how a virtual office space can help your business, contact us on 0117 332 6981.